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When asked which home issues pose the greatest impediment to a sale, most realtors are quick to list an aging or damaged roof. Why?


  • Home buyers understand that roof replacements are costly and will often demand a roof is replaced prior to sale — or that the cost for doing so is subtracted from the sale price.


  • Lenders may not approve financing.


  • Property insurers may not insure a home that has an aging or damaged roof — or may raise premiums to compensate for the greater risk of loss in the future.

Allied roofing & Sheet Metal knows how real estate deals are frequently contingent on roof inspections and certifications;  As a Realtor, you need someone that can help you close the deal with the same professional service you provide your clients. Your reputation is on the line so your contractor should be able to provide customer satisfaction before, during and after the deal. You need to select a company that has your best interest in mind.

We know that timing can be critical in real estate purchases. We mobilize several roofing crews every hour of each working day. This gives us tremendous flexibility in terms of scheduling. Time and again, we have demonstrated — to happy realtors, buyers, sellers — the ability to meet everyone’s scheduling needs for a wide variety of roofing services.

Allied Roofing & sheet metal  is your  ”1-stop-shop” company; besides holding a roofing license we also have a general contractor license. We minimize your need to hire contractors from other trades. We stand behind our work, we offer several warranty choices including workmanship labor warranties up to 15 years and free transfers from sellers-to-buyers.

If a roof is standing between you and a sale, time is valuable. Our team has experience working with realtors who represent sellers and buyers to address roofing concerns prior to the closing date.

We offer 24/7 open phone lines in case of emergencies, financing options, competitive prices, and realtor-referral programs.

We will help get your next sale off to a great start. Call now to speak with a roofing specialist today.


10 Common Signs That You Need Roof Repair or Roof Replacement

signsAs a home or commercial building owner, learning to recognize the signs that your roof is in need of repair or replacement can help you avoid unexpected costs and inconvenience. If you have ever discovered a mysterious puddle on the floor or felt the cold wet splatter of a drip from your ceiling, you would probably agree that these are some of the most obvious signals that it is time to call a roofing contractor.

Very often people are totally unaware that their property needs roof repair until this point. However, an active leak is usually the result of damage or deterioration that has been developing over time. Fortunately, there are ways you can identify evidence of a roof leak or other roofing damage before encountering this type of scenario. Early detection of a problem will allow you to be proactive when it comes to the maintenance of your roof.
Many tell-tale warning signs of a roof problem will be visible to you from inside your home or business. These symptoms are usually caused by moisture resulting from water intrusion and should always be addressed immediately.

Indoor Signs of Roofing Issues:
1.Brown spots on your ceiling
2.Mold or mildew on your ceiling or walls
3.Peeling wallpaper
4.Cracked or peeling paint
5.Discoloration of wallboards
In addition to what you can see from inside, outdoor inspections of your roof can alert you of problem areas that can be fixed before becoming more advanced and requiring more costly repairs.

Exterior Signs of Roofing Issues:
6.Missing or damaged flashing
7.Missing shingle granules
8.Curling shingles or broken/cracked tiles
9.Finding granules in storm gutters
10.Wet insulation in the attic

Determining Whether to Repair or Replace Your Roof

Once you have identified one or more signs of a roofing issue, you will need to determine if the problem can be repaired or if it is time for a new roof. When deciding whether to repair or replace, consider the age of the roof and how many times it has previously been repaired. It is also a good idea to be mindful of whether your roofing materials are within their warranty period. Common indications that a roof should be replaced are

  • leaks that persist after numerous repairs
  • leaks occurring in multiple locations
  • a roof that is more than 20 years old

Although it is important to know how to spot a problem with your roof, in some cases these signs become visible only once leaks or other damage has occurred. It is advised to also have a professional roofing contractor conduct biannual inspections of your roof.

By: Robert Borowski

Allied Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc.

Safeguard your home before the storm


Look For Vulnerabilities

Before hurricane season begins, there are steps that you can take to reduce damage to your home and property. The first step is to walk around your home and look for vulnerabilities including your roof, garage door, windows, pool and yard.



Assess The Roof

A great time to start securing or retrofitting your house is when you are making other improvements.

  • Checking the roof yourself is not only dangerous, it can cause damage. Hire a licensed professional.
  • Shingles, tiles and panels should be fastened down tightly and loose ones replaced.
  • Asphalt shingles should be attached using hot-dipped, galvanized nails.
  • Roof trusses should have braces and hurricane straps should be installed. Check to ensure tarps are secured to the roof with 2”x1” wood strips placed at 48” on center, especially at the edges.

Trim Your Trees

  • Trim trees and shrubs regularly. Remove weak branches, especially those resting on your roof, and thin out the upper canopy. Do not trim trees once a storm warning has been issued.
  • Don’t attempt to trim any vegetation growing on or near overhead power lines. Only specially trained professionals should work around power lines.
  • Consult with your city for specific provisions regarding tree pruning. Hat racking and tree topping are both illegal.
  • Place properly cut and bundled yard waste at the curb in accordance with your city’s solid waste collection rules. However, do not take garbage or waste to the curb once a storm watch or warning has been announced.
  • If you are inexperienced in the use of a chain saw, seek professional assistance.
  • Make sure newly planted trees and recently reset trees are properly staked and braced.
  • Be aware that Broward County requires all commercial tree trimmers to be licensed. To report unlicensed tree trimmers, contact the Broward County Permitting, Licensing and Consumer Protection Division at 954-765-4400, Option 2.

Check All Doors

  • Solid wood or hollow metal doors are more likely to resist wind pressure and flying debris. Doors should have at least three hinges and a deadbolt security lock with a bolt throw of at least 1”.
  • Install head and foot bolts on the inactive door of double-entry doors. The surface bolt should extend through the door header and through
    the threshold into the sub floor.
  • Garage doors should have steel bracing. Check with your garage door manufacturer for braces or retrofitting kits. You can also attach wooden two-by-six-inch stiffeners running the full width of the door, approximately 18” apart. Also, this is a good time to clear out your garage if you plan on keeping your car in the garage during a storm.

Shutter Your Windows

If you already have shutters, now is the time to make sure they’re in good working condition. For accordion or roll-down shutters, test to see if they open and close easily, clear track of obstructions and lubricate. For panel shutters, check for excessive wear or rust on connectors.

  • Using plywood may be a more economical way of covering windows, but may not offer enough protection. Metal hurricane-resistant shutters are preferred. If you use plywood, make sure it is at least 5/8” thick and use the proper anchors and support beams.
  • Make sure shutters have the Miami-Dade County Product Approval or a Florida Building Code Product Approval.
  • Shutters should be installed by a licensed professional and inspected by a government agency such as your city’s building code department.
  • DO NOT USE TAPE! Tape will not keep the window from breaking.
  • Do not leave any window open for equalizing pressure between the inside and outside of your home. It is not necessary and could be a dangerous mistake.

Protect Your Pool

  • Keep water in the pool as it will protect the pool’s finish from sand and flying debris. You may lower the water level, but no more than one to two feet. Otherwise, hydrostatic pressure could cause the pool to pop out of the ground.
  • Add extra chlorine to the water to prevent contamination.
  • Turn off the power to the pool equipment.
  • Remove the pool pump motor and store it indoors in a dry place, or wrap the motor in a plastic material such as a garment bag and secure it tightly with tape or rope.
  • Remove all loose items from the pool area (furniture, pool cleaning equipment, filter house tops, deck lids, etc.).
  • After the storm, reinstall pump, return water level to normal; clean pool thoroughly; balance the pH, super-chlorinate, and run the filter until the water is clean.

Hurricane-Proof Your Business!

  • Make multiple backups of critical computer data and store them off premises. Keep checks, purchase orders, financial records, property and vehicle titles off the premises as well.
  • Unplug and wrap all electronics in plastic and store them in high and dry places.
  • Have a communication plan in place and make sure your employees’ emergency contact information is current.
  • Take “before” and “after” pictures to aid in any claims.
  • Allow employees adequate time to prepare for the approaching storm.

source: The Official Broward County Hurricane Preparedness Guide (visit: to see full publication)

Maintaining residential roof systems

maintenance-newsletter1Owners of commercial and industrial buildings have long recognized the need for periodic preventative maintenance to optimize roof system service life. However, many homeowners and multifamily residential property managers seldom perform necessary routine roof system inspections and maintenance. NRCA is concerned long-term warranties offered by many residential roofing product manufacturers do not necessarily ensure satisfactory roof system performance. Warranties often contain provisions that significantly limit the manufacturer’s liability and consumer’s remedies in the event problems develop or roof system damage occurs. Most warranties also require roof systems to be properly maintained.


The best way for a homeowner or multifamily residential property manager to ensure satisfactory postinstallation roof system performance is to perform periodic maintenance
through a formalized, long-term maintenance program. Formalized maintenance programs offer the following advantages:

- Maintenance is proactive. It helps identify problems early when they can be corrected relatively easily and before they become more widespread.
- Maintenance can reveal sources of leaks before they occur.
- Response time to address leakage is greatly reduced. Warranty repairs, on the other hand, take time to be processed while problems remain unresolved.
- Maintenance allows for a planned approach to roof management and future roof-related expenditures.

Preventative maintenance

A preventative maintenance program for residential buildings should consist of periodic inspections and routine maintenance, as well as any necessary repairs identified during the inspections. NRCA recommends homeowners or building managers inspect their roof systems at least twice per year, preferably in the spring and fall.

Additional inspections are suggested after any severe weather events, such as a hurricane, tornado, or hailstorm. A preventative maintenance inspection should consist of a thorough visual inspection of the roof system and adjacent surfaces, such as sidewalls or chimneys, that abut roof surfaces. Any abnormalities or signs of deterioration should be noted. For example, for asphalt shingle roof systems, shingle curling or splitting is evidence of deterioration. Any dislodged or missing shingle tabs should be repaired to maintain proper weathertightness.

During a maintenance inspection, any debris such as leaves or other foreign materials that have accumulated on the roof should be removed. Special attention should be paid to any valleys, gutters or roof drains where debris tends to accumulate and limit proper drainage.For steep-slope roofs, a maintenance inspection typically can be performed from the ground or a ladder to access the roof system’s edge.

NRCA does not recommend homeowners or inexperienced property management personnel access or walk on roofs unless they have the experience and proper equipment to do so safely. If a maintenance inspection reveals repairs are needed, NRCA recommends an experienced roofing contractor be promptly retained to perform the repairs. NRCA does not recommend homeowners or property management personnel attempt to undertake roof system repairs unless they are experienced in doing so and have the necessary equipment to do so properly.

Some homeowners and managers of multi-family residential units elect to retain a roofing contractor to perform preventative maintenance inspection and any necessary repairs. This approach relieves the homeowners and property managers of the responbility and risks associated with conducting inspections and repairs on their own. Such an approach also allows the inspection, removal of rooftop debris and any necessary repairs to take place at one time.
Many professional roofing contractors offer this service through formalized, long-term maintenance agreements.

Closing thoughts

Whether homeowners or multifamily residential property managers do so on their own or retain professional roofing contractors, NRCA encourages preventative roof system maintenance on residential roof systems. Additional useful information for consumers can be accessed in the Consumer section of NRCA’s website,

by Mark S. Graham in Tech Today ( Shear Bull Magazine)

Pompano Today Magazine: Allied Roofing: Paying it Forward

2014-02-25Allied Roofing : Paying it Forward

Recently, we sat down with Alexandra Pekacka, Marketing Coordinator for Allied Roofing and Sheet Metal. She’s been with Allied for two years, she tells us in a lilting voice, and cannot say enough good things about the company. Her title aside, it’s clear throughout our interview that Alexandra is a true believer, someone who feels good about where she comes to work every day.  And really, working for Allied, who wouldn’t feel that way?  The company, in business for decades (which is like light-years in South Florida, particularly among roofing companies – does anyone remember Wilma? Can YOU find the roofing company you used back then? We thought so).

While the name of the company might be “Allied Roofing and Sheet Metal,” Allied does much, much more, from maintenance to waterproofing to  preventive maintenance to preservation to roof leak repairs to rainwater harvesting to skylights to solar roof systems to roof cleaning to – well, you get the idea.

Their website,, contains all sorts of valuable information, including videos of Allied’s work. Let’s just say that a roofing company willing to share videos of their work with the general public is a roofing company we can absolutely believe in. In addition, the site contains (we couldn’t help ourselves) a link to the fascinating “Roofers Coffee Shop” (, which is “a community of roofing professionals that share ideas, tell stories, research, sell stuff and find help. We are where the industry meets “for coffee”. Who knew?

Allied covers a wide geographic area, from Palm Beach County through Miami-Dade and of course all points in between. They are A+ Rated by the Better Business Bureau.

Most of Allied’s work comes from referrals, certainly a ringing endorsement.  “People talk about how happy they are with our services,” says Alexandra, who continues, “We take great care of our customers…it’s really important for us to educate our customers.  Our salespeople provide a presentation so the customers know what to expect.”  We ask if this means that their salespeople really understand roofing. “Oh, yes, they do!” Alexandra exclaims.  Oh my.  We don’t know about you, but “roofing salesperson,” “education” and “presentation” don’t generally go in the same sentence.  This is truly impressive. Even more, “Our salespeople stay with the account throughout the project.” Wow!

If this isn’t enough, Allied employs a Customer Relations Manager (really! At a roofing company!), so that “customers always have someone to talk to. There is always someone who can answer any questions.” At this point, we are tempted to damage our roof just so we can call Allied.  Really. Attention, Roof Gods:  JUST KIDDING. However, dear reader, if YOU are in need of roofing services, please call us when you call Allied, so we can vicariously experience a positive interaction with a roofing company.

“Our employees are thoroughly vetted,” Alex mentions, “and they are long-term employees; they stay with the company because they feel connected, so they are very experiences.” In addition, many of the employees are craftsmen from Europe (!) with “old school skills” (!).  Sign us up!

Allied is one of the few companies which produces – and thus controls the quality of – its own sheet metal panels. The quality of the company’s work can be seen throughout our area, from residential projects to large, iconic commercial projects including The First Presbyterian Church of Pompano Beach, JB’s on the Beach, and the Hillsboro Club.

Robert Borowski, president of Allied Roofing and Sheet Metal, arrived on our shores from Poland 24 years ago. After ten years in Pompano Beach, the company moved to larger quarters in Fort Lauderdale, their current home. From the beginning, Mr. Borowski set about building not only a professional, trustworthy company, but a true community partner.

About that “community partner” business.  It might be more appropriate to term this “a calling.”  Recently, one of our favorite nonprofits, Rebuilding Together, connected with Mr. Borowski.  One of Rebuilding Together’s clients, Vandilla Johnson, was in need of some serious roofing help.  The home of the 47 year old widow, court-appointed caretaker to her four grandchildren, was in dire need of a new roof, and much interior damage due to roof leaks. The home, in which Ms. Johnson has lived for 14 years, was in such poor condition due to the leaks that she was in danger of losing custody of the children if the roof was not replaced. Allied stepped in and provided the family with a brand new roof, and Choice Hotels, the project sponsor, took care of the interior repairs. “I thank God,” said Ms. Johnson, “for Allied Roofing.”

At this point, we have to ask:  When’s the last time YOU said “I thank God for my roofing company”? We thought so.

Mr. Borowski is, to say the least, a fervent believer in supporting the community. He is a member of several Chambers of Commerce, and in addition to Rebuilding Together, Allied supports the Pompano Beach Yuletide Parade, Deerfield Beach Founders’ Days, the Saint Ambrose Carnival, the American Cancer Society, and Dunn’s Run (in which Mr. Borowski , as well as his wife and two daughters, ran, as well as several company employees), but these are just the tip of the iceberg.  If there’s a big community need, we’re pretty confident you’ll find Mr. Borowski (and his team of European craftsmen!) somewhere nearby, offering to help.

Poland’s loss was clearly our gain.  Thank you, Mr. Borowski, for choosing South Florida, and for all that you do.  And – editor’s note – for those of you in need of a new roof, or anything in between (remember, from maintenance to waterproofing to  preventive maintenance to preservation to roof leak repairs to rainwater harvesting to skylights to solar roof systems to roof cleaning…), please, please let us know when you call Allied! We’ll take the vicarious experience!

Perfect date on the roof / Happy Valentine’s Day

valentines-newsletterAre you looking for a great and inexpensive idea for a Valentines date? Your roof may be the best place to spend a romantic evening. Can you imagine, both of you sitting on the rooftop at twilight and having a night away from everything? Find a flat part (safe spot*) of your roof.

You may simply lay a blanket on the roof, so you can share a drink together and talk. But if you have enough place for a small table and two chairs you may want to prepare something really special. Grab some candles, string of Christmas lights and a CD player. Prepare a simple and light dinner and spend an amazing night with your loved one!!!  
Happy Valentine’s Day !!! 

*Remember to follow OSHA rules when accessing your roof. Be careful!



Allied Roofing Awarded Best of 2013 on Kudzu Voted by the Kudzu Community as a Top Fort Lauderdale Roofing contractor

6b8716f4-daa8-4286-9a10-8d4816eb4f04Fort Lauderdale – December 10, 2013 – Allied Roofing & Sheet Metal was named a Best of 2013 winner for Fort Lauderdale Roofing Contractors on, a leading source for local business information and consumer reviews.

Over 5 million local businesses competed across a wide range of categories including home, auto,health and professional services. Winners were determined based on thousands of votes from consumers in the Fort Lauderdale Kudzu community. Allied Roofing & Sheet Metal received the top honor and will be recognized with a Best of 2013 badge displayed on their Kudzu business listing page.

Allied Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc. offer a wide variety of services: new roofs(metal, shingle, tile, flat), re-roofing, leak repair, maintenance services, solar systems, waterproofing, rain water harvesting, roof cleaning, sky lights, gutters installation. Our staff of professional craftsman has built a solid reputation by consistently providing top-quality service and on-time project completions.

“This certification requires high standards of job performance and we are proud to have been named Best Roofing Contractor. Winning this award from Kudzu only strengthens our commitment to our customers,” said Robert Borowski, CEO of Allied Roofing and Sheet Metal, Inc.

“The ‘Best of’ contest allows consumers to show their appreciation for local businesses that have served them well. Kudzu is proud to be an avenue for this support, and to recognize companies that offer the highest levels of service” stated Fran Wills, General Manager of Kudzu.

Allied Roofing team run for Broward County Boys and Girls Clubs

Allied Roofing photoAllied

Roofing Team: Robert (CEO) Alexandra, (Marketing coordinator) and
Kamy (Project & networking coordinator) spent Oct. 6 with a few thousand others walking or jogging along the sand in Deerfield Beach as part of the 17th Annual Dunn’s Run.
The event, sponsored by J.R. Dunn Jewelers, raises funds for the Broward County Boys and Girls Clubs.

Allied Roofing & Sheet Metal, Inc. reaches out to provide a new roof to a family in desperate need

By Phyllis J. Neuberger Pelican staff

vandillanewsletterWhen Rebuilding Together Broward, a non profit volunteer group, approached Robert Borowski, president of Allied Roofing, he stepped right up to the plate to answer Vandilla Johnson’s plea for help.

Johnson, a 47-year old widow who is the court appointed caretaker to four grandchildren, has lived in her Fort Lauderdale home for 14 years. That home is now in desperate need of a new roof and many interior repairs due to the leaking roof. If the repairs aren’t made Johnson will lose custody of those grandchildren due to unsafe living conditions. She says, “I’m trying to provide a nurturing home for my grandchildren who have experienced a past filled with domestic violence. I will lose this chance if my home is not repaired and I cannot afford to repair it. I thank God forAllied Roofing for giving me a new roof. Every day I come home from work and I see the transformation. It’s almost done now except for the shingles. It’s just beautiful. I’m in tears. I know there is a God.”
Her grandchildren are 5, 6, 9, and 10. She says, “I work and while I’m working the children are in school. After school the two oldest go to the Boys & Girls Club. The two youngest go to Family Style Academy. Family Central helps me pay the fees for these places. I’m a grandmother raising my daughter’s children and doing the best I can. Once the roof is done, I am told that Choice Hotels will be sending volunteers to help me fix the inside. I am so grateful for the kindness of these businesses, Allied and Choice Hotels. Because of them I will be able to keep my home and the children.”

Sandra Einhorn, executive director of Rebuilding Together Broward explains, “Our greatest need is for roofers and because reroofing is such an expensive process we have difficulty in filling that need. In the case of Ms. Johnson, Allied Roofing has really come through for us. They have been working for two weeks to give Ms. Johnson a brand new roof. Choice Hotels, the sponsor for this project, is providing their own volunteers to fixthe interior areas in need of repairing. I know Ms. Johnson is very grateful for their help because she will now be able to stay in her own home and continue to care for her four grandchildren. Our volunteer organization caters to the elderly, disabled and veterans. Our clients come to us through referrals from a variety of service agencies in Broward County.

About Allied Roofing

The owner of Allied Roofing & Sheet Metal , Inc. is Robert Borowski who came to America from Poland 24 years ago and settled in the South Florida area right after Hurricane Andrew. He started his company in Pompano Beach, and after 10 years, because he needed larger quarters, he moved to 2801 NW 55 Ct., Bay 5W in Fort Lauderdale.

A strong supporter of community events, he is a member of several chambers in several cities. He contributes to the Pompano Beach Yuletide Parade, Deerfield Beach Founders’ Days’ fireworks and does charitable work for his church and professional associations such as Rebuilding Together Broward. With 20 years of successful growth, Borowski is considered to be one of the most reliable and knowledgeable roofing contractors in the area. Working with metal, tile and shingles, he says, “I have hired many employees from Europe who are craftsman with the old school skills of coppersmithing. We try to keep our customers informed by showing them their options. An educated customer is a satisfied one. A visit to our website will give potential customers a lot of information and they can see movies of our latest jobs on YouTube.”
Allied also installs solar panels, hot water panels and rainwater harvest systems.

Borowski says there is nothing magical about his success. He estimates that 80 percent of his business is from referrals. “Good employees give good service and the result is good work,” he says.

Customers should insist on manufacturer’s warranties to protect their investments.” Allied Roofing is also located in Miami and may soon expand to West Palm Beach. For more information, call 954-485-5922.

Thank you Allied Roofing and Choice Hotels, sponsors of this project, for your kindness to Ms. Johnson and other people in need.

Hurricane Preparedness

bloghurricaneWhy you should prepare yourself, your family, and protect your house before hurricane season?

“The first long term forecast for the 2013 hurricane season predicts a busier-than-average slate of storms for the Atlantic Ocean”, (Queram, 2013). Did you know that you can protect yourself and your house against hurricane damage with a simple and inexpensive preparation? Most Floridians decide to make a smart choice and not wait until hurricane season is over to repair their destroyed house. They also don’t want to put their families’ life in danger. Be one of the smart ones and follow their steps!

Preparing yourself and your property for hurricane season is smart because it:

  • protects your house,

  • saves you money

  • and most importantly keeps you and your family safe.

protect your house

According to Mark Clement, co-host of home improvement radio show, the most critical areas of the home during hurricane season are: roof, windows, entry and garage doors (2013). Taking care of those elements of the house before hurricane season protects your property and your family.

Routine roof inspections can prevent huge damage. Always remember to hire a licensed contractor to inspect your roof. Any signs like broken tiles or missing shingles shows that the roof needs to be repaired prior to a windstorm. Especially in Florida, we should invest our money in an impact-resistant roof for the home. The best choice is to install a roof that has Class 4 ratings for impact resistance.

The wind can enter the home through windows with devastating results. If you don’t have impact – resistant glass, you should install plywood sheets or shutters, as protection of a storm. Plywood may be a more economical way of covering windows, but it won’t protect your windows as well as shutters. Don’t leave any windows open during the storm and carefully check the seals around them.

Remember also to prepare your entry and garage doors. Solid wood or metal doors are more likely to resist wind pressure. Entry doors should have at least three hinges and garage doors should have steel bracing. You should also trim your trees. Weak branches can cause serious damage to your property. If you have a pool you should keep water in it. It will protect the pool from flying debris.

save money

Renovations of a destroyed house may be much more expensive than taking care of those most critical areas prior to a hurricane. Besides this, it saves you from difficult insurance claims. After Hurricane Katrina, “every neighborhood [was] full of horror stories about insurance companies that reneged on their promises”(Eaton, Treaster, 2007). Please keep in mind that when you take action prior to the hurricane it saves you money.

protect yourself and your family

Remember that preparing your house is only one step you have to take to really protect your family. You should also make sure to put together an emergency kit. There are several things that are necessary for your family to survive. Most important is drinking water and food, at least enough for 3-5 days. Remember to have fully equipped first aid kits and prescription medicine that you may take daily. Buy flashlights, extra batteries, and a solar charger for your cell phone. You should have extra blankets and pillows in case you must evacuate.

According to Kayla Webley, 8.1 million homes lost power during hurricane Sandy. The outages affected people in 17 states (2012). If your family needs to use electronic devices for health reasons, you should consider installing power generators, but remember that they may be also extremely dangerous. Make sure that they are installed by licensed electrician, and if it is not a new unit make sure it is in proper working condition prior to a hurricane.

Stay safe for 2013 Hurricane season and remember: appropriate preparation for hurricane season is smart because it protects your house, saves you money and most importantly keeps you and your family safe.


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