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Sky Lights


Skylights are a great way to add natural light to your home or business and do so in a very modern and stylish manner. We carry only reliable name-brand skylights from trusted manufacturers. We’ll be glad to help you determine the right skylights based on your home’s needs and offer a complete installation package for a reasonable cost.

Rest assured you are in good hands with our experienced, knowledgeable and highly skilled team of professionals! We work hard to maintain a reputation for excellence in customer service, reliability and professionalism. We know how to install skylights above and beyond the manufacturers written instructions in order to hold up in the harsh weather we are subjected to in the tropical Florida environment.

Things to consider when choosing skylights:

  • The three major skylight types are fixed, ventilating, and tubular.Fixed skylights do not open. They are good choice if your goal is to provide a room – such as an attic or stairwell – with extra light.Ventilating skylights can be opened to provide a room with fresh air in addition to natural light. Because they improve air flow and reduce moisture, they are often installed in kitchens and bathrooms.Tubular Skylights allow natural sunlight to be directed from the rooftop down through a highly reflective tube, and then diffused at the ceiling level. Tubular skylights capture direct and ambient light, providing exceptional illumination, even on cloudy days and in early morning or late afternoon when the sun is low in the sky.
    • The skylight size should never be more than 5% of the floor area in rooms with many windows and no more than 15% of the room’s total floor area for spaces with few windows.
    • Skylight glazing options are plastic and glass. Plastic is cheaper but not as durable and allows more UV light to enter. Glass, although more expensive, is a superior product.
    • Be sure to take into consideration the sun’s path. Skylights on the south- or west-facing portion of the roof will collect direct sun – skylights facing north or east may not get any direct sunlight.

Sun-Dome Tubular Skylights brighten interiors with free, renewable energy from natural sunlight without the heat gain of ordinary skylights. They cut power consumption and reduce A/C heat load and run time by several hundred kilowatts per month!

Sun-Dome Tubular Skylights are a energy efficient choice for ,commercial and residential lighting. Help save our natural resources by reducing energy consumption.

Energy Efficient Solar Lighting

  • High impact polycarbonate dome blocks harmful UV Rays
  • Virtually unbreakable dome (withstands hail & hurricanes)
  • 10-year warranty
  • Flashings may be painted any color
  • Strong aluminum flashing won’t rust or leak (no plastic flashings)
  • Installed in approximately 4 hours
  • No structural modifications needed
  • Adjustable aluminum tubes (2 in each 10″ & 13″ kit) to bypass obstacles
  • Fits between rafters and joists
  • Brightens any area evenly
  • No fading of furniture or carpets
  • Proven energy savings with minimal heat gain or loss
  • Natural light helps plants flourish
  • Cost? Just a fraction of ordinary skylights with more light, no heat, and without the problems
  • Reduces A/C heat load and run time resulting in less wear on A/C

How does it work?

A clear, unbreakable polycarbonate dome mounted on a storm-tested, aluminum flashing on the roof
collects and directs sunlight down into the area below through a high-performance reflective transfer
tube. This tube connects to a domed translucent or prismatic diffuser that distributes natural light
evenly throughout the area without heat gain or loss.

Roof Leak Repair

All of our repair specifications come with an Allied Roofing workmanship warranty.Let us assess and diagnose whether a repair or re-roof is the proper plan of action.Roof repairs are typically less expensive than re-roofing, so because of this we will never prematurely re-roof if it can be repaired first.

Roof Leak Repair

Re Roofing

Having knowledge and understanding of warranties offered by a roofing contractor and/or manufacturers are imperative when making your decision. Allied Roofing advisers are here to clarify all your questions and concerns. For the past 20 years we have earned a competitive advantage by utilizing efficient work methods and cultivating strategic alliance with suppliers and manufacturers.

Re Roofing

Roof Maintenance Services

Annual inspection of the roof by a qualified professional is essential to its healthy functioning. The inspection may detect early signs of deterioration, which may be swiftly corrected prior to always-dangerous hurricane season. The existing records of roof inspections prevent possible complications to a building owner during the insurance claims process after the storm.

Roof Maintenance


Waterproofing your roof for Florida weather conditions will help to guard against damage from heavy rain and wind—making sure that your home and business will stay up and running even after the most damaging storm.


New Construction Roofing

To ensure that our clients receive the best value for their roofing dollar, Allied Roofing and Sheet Metal estimating team continuously analyzes different roof materials and components, so that we may provide our clients with sufficient information and roof material alternatives to make the best roofing decision possible.

New Construction Roofing


Absolutely satisfied with our choice of going with Allied Roofing for our re-roofing project. Everyone was absolutely very informative, upfront with everything and what to expect in the whole process from Robert having us come to the factory and explain every step and process of project, Troy being in constant contact, Joe and Gustavo coming constantly to supervise and the whole entire work crew was just so efficient, fast , professional and pleasant to have around during the whole process. We even had a BBQ for them on a Saturday late afternoon after they finished working to show our appreciation. Price wise they are very reasonable. I would highly recommend using Allied and if ever we need another roof done in the future wouldn’t consider using another company. Jessy Luzi

Jessika Luzi

Overall we are very pleased with our choice of Allied Roofing for our complete re-roof project. We love our new roof and are very happy with the quality of their work. Their quote was very fair and they were up front about any additional charges that were necessary. Cleanup every day was thorough and the entire crew was pleasant and friendly. Troy Davis the general manager kept us constantly up to date and Joe Martinez was usually on site and very helpful and informative. As expected for a project this size we ran in to a couple of small hitches along the way but the constant communication helped everything go as smoothly as possible. I would highly recommend Allied to anybody that is looking for a quality re-roof job.

Allied roofing is a great company to work with and I highly recommend them! I was nervous and scared about finding a reliable company. They were a professional from the get go and did a great job of speeding through the permit and inspection process. And the communication was excellent along the way and the ultimate end product is fabulous! And Troy Davis in their office is an outstanding operations person to work with

Allied Roofing did a superior job repairing our roof leaks.
They are punctual, professional, and their prices are always within reason for the sevices provided. We have used them for years to help us with our aging roof and will definitely be having them help us with our new roof in the next year!

I would’ve never imagined I’d be calling a reroof a “pleasant” experience, but Allied made it just that. From the initial selection process to the scheduling, to the actual installation, everything has been nothing but smooth. The roof was completed quickly and the results were second to none. Perhaps what amazed me the most was their customer service. They kept us in the loop every step of the way and basically made us feel like royalty, the kind of service you get at five star hotels or as a resident of Buckingham Palace. I have absolutely no complaints, and next time I need work on my roof, Allied will be the first company I call. Very, very happy with their work!

I’ve worked with plenty of contractors, but Allied has been far and beyond the greatest, bar none. They’ve been communicative every step of the way, honest (which is rare), and their service is unmatched. As if that’s not enough, these guys were fast AND the quality is top notch. I’m simply amazed with the whole experience, and whenever I refer a roofing company, the only name coming out of my mouth will be Allied!