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Roof Coating

There are numerous roof coating products available for your home or commercial business. Determining which is best for your application takes an industry expert.

Our skilled technicians can inspect your home or building and determine which product is suitable for its architectural style, size, roof pitch and is also capable of meeting your budget needs. All our roof coatings eliminate chronic leaking, ponding and decay. They are also weather and wind resistant and do not add significant weight to your building. All products installed are white (also known as “reflective” roofing). They reflect solar heat, cutting air conditioning costs significantly.

Copolymer Coating

  • There are times when you absolutely need a new roof. And, there are times when options such as copolymer liquid-applied coating can help extend the existing roof’s serviceability.
  • Copolymer Coating can be used on:
  • Metal Roofs, Modified Bitumen, Single-Ply EPDM and BUR (Built-Up)
  • Fills in gaps, cracks and seals porous mortar and masonry.
  • Has the ability and strength to expand and contract with metal panel roof systems. It is an excellent and economical repair solution that can be applied at open seams and joints found in field conditions and around rooftop penetrations.

 Acrylic Coating System

  • Acrylic coating system is an advanced liquid-applied system that restores metal roofs and can eliminate minor metal roof problems.
  • Acrylic coatings are made from a high quality, aqueous acrylic polymer that cures to form a durable, continuous elastomeric membrane over the surface of your metal roof. It adheres to almost any metal surface to form a seamless, watertight seal over the entire roof, including vents, flashings and protrusions.
  • It is also extremely durable and able to withstand the most common roof hazards. These include ultra-violet light, temperature extremes, mildew, normal foot traffic and building movement. The system is also water-based, so it is safe to apply in almost any situation. There are no toxic fumes and the material is non-flammable.