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Today concrete and clay tile roofs are immensely popular in South Florida. Energy efficiency, longer life cycle, and aesthetic appeal has made tile roofing the dominant choice for homeowners looking for an upgrade over asphalt shingles. Some types of clay tiles can withstand wind gusts of up to 150 mph and their surfaces can withstand color fading from the sun for as much as 50 years – important properties when selecting a roofing material for your south Florida home or business. A tile roof investment can cost double the amount compared to the more economic fiberglass shingles, but they can last at least twice as long.

Roof Tiles Appearance – Tile Roofing Systems are incredibly popular largely because of their distinctive shapes and colors. The color palette for concrete and clay roof tile includes hundreds of selections with options ranging from a single-color tile to a blend of up to five colors. Options range from flat to barrel-shaped tile, and either style will change the appearance of a roof dramatically.

Durability – Through rain, hurricane force high winds or hail, a properly installed tile roof can withstand the elements providing years of worry-free performance.

Eco-Friendly – A Tile Roofing System consists of tiles made from naturally reoccurring materials. No chemical preservatives are used in manufacturing and they are 100% recyclable to be used in the manufacture of new tiles. There isn’t a better way to be kind to the environment when choosing a roofing system. Roof tile can help to lower energy costs by reducing heat transfer through air circulation under the tile and through concrete’s inherent insulating properties.

Roof Tile Underlayment – It is important to note that the actual tile does not provide the water protection; most tiles are porous, and water seeps through them. The important part of the roof is the unseen part known as the underlayment. Tiles protect the underlayment from the sun and the underlayment protects your home from moisture. The installation of the roofing underlayment is especially important. We re-roof the home with our strong SBS-modified underlayment set in hot asphalt, and the homeowner can rest assured that they have a quality roof that will protect their home for decades to come. We also offer self-adhesive underlayments as another option.

Roof Tile Installation and Repair – Installation and repair of tile roofs is best left to professional roofers with local experience working with tile. Under normal circumstances, tile roofs are virtually maintenance free. However, the ultimate longevity of a tile roof depends on the quality of all elements of the roofing system. For example, many leaks are caused not by tile failure but by damaged or inferior underlayment or flashing. If this occurs, qualified tile roofers can remove the roof tiles, address the cause of the problem, and then replace the tiles intact.

Walking on a tile roof can damage tiles, if not done properly. Even though tile is one of the most durable roofing products available and hardens with age, walking carelessly on it can cause breakage.

Tile roofs are generally split into two main categories: Concrete and Clay

  • Both have very high fire ratings
  • Both concrete and clay tiles are made from naturally occurring materials that do not deplete precious natural resources, making them environmentally friendly

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Tile roofs are generally split into two main categories: Concrete and Clay

Clay Tile:

  • Are machine-made and provide a very clean and uniform style
  • Have an earthy color tone that gives a roof a natural “dwelling” style
  • Are more susceptible to cracking from under-foot pressure
  • Are more expensive than concrete roof tile which are easier to manufacture and install
  • Roof clay tiles are easier to break than some concrete tiles
  • Can last for many decades and maintain their waterproofing capability
  • Their density gives them an almost zero water absorption rate which allows them to stay algae-free much longer than concrete tile
  • Roof clay tiles do not fade, but there are some natural occurrences like moss which can change their appearance
  • Popular styles, especially: Spanish-S, Barcelona, and many variations of flat tile are seen throughout South Florida

 Concrete Tile

  • Roof concrete tiles are machine-made and provide a very clean and orderly appearance
  • Have the benefit of cost-effectiveness energy efficiency
  • Are stronger than clay tile and last 30 to 60 years depending on local conditions and level of maintenance
  • Roof concrete tiles are available in different colors and styles. Some have the look of barrel tile at a fraction of the cost
  • Concrete tiles can be customized in your choice of colors, shapes and sizes to mimic or simulate historical and contemporary architectural styles
  • Most of the higher quality concrete tiles have the same color all the way through the tile, which helps prevent the tile from fading over the years

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